A Look Inside the Twisted Leftist Mind of Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen is a Canadian comedian who rose to fame for playing pothead losers and immature idiots. It turns out he wrote and starred in films like that for a simple reason: because it’s who he is in real life.

Rogen is a dedicated leftist who follows the Democrat script every word. However, he’s also highly unstable and often attacks and insults people on social media.

A recent look at some of his most insane fights on Twitter is showing just how dangerous the unfiltered left can be. On the other hand, it’s also clarifying to show how they really think.

Rogen’s Greatest Hits

Rogen’s films, from Knocked Up to Superbad to Sausage Party, are almost all about similar things.

They’re full of cursing, sex jokes, drug use, and young men acting like absolute idiots. They are a degeneration of the ideals of masculinity and full of psychological propaganda.

One of Rogen’s most recent films, Santa Inc., is a “feminist” take on Christmas, which Rogen has bragged takes down “white men” from positions of power and empowers Jewish people.

Rogen somehow thinks Jewish people want him as their unelected online representative, and will frequently demand to know whether people online are Jewish before telling them they are trash.

Here are just two of Rogen’s tweets, in which he calls Star Wars actress Gina Carano a “fascist f**k” and tells her he will “end” her career in Hollywood.

In another tweet thread, Rogen threatens to “f***ing fight” former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard and says he will drive to her and assault her. She notes since she’s in Hawaii, it might be hard for him to drive from California.

Rogen Mocks the Mother of a Dead Teen

In another despicable thread, Rogen made fun of the mother of a dead teen for her concerns about use of cannabis.

As a typical bigoted pothead, Rogen can’t accept that not everyone has a positive or enjoyable experience with the psychologically unpredictable and dangerous substance.

He found a woman who lost her son to drug abuse and then hurled abuse at her, saying she should “lick” his “a**.” He was then told off by Snoop Dogg, who pointed out to this idiotic comedian that the woman lost her son.

Even Snoop Dogg got sick of the type of intolerance and hate spewing out of Rogen. That’s got to say something.

The Bottom Line

Many more tweets in the thread show Rogen’s unhinged mental state and dark inner heart.

This guy hates anyone who doesn’t agree with his pro-drug, pro-left worldview. He’s also pathetic, using the label of being Jewish to bully people, but constantly insulting and attacking those who support Israel.

Seth Rogen should have been cancelled long ago.