No Shot? No Job. Employers Can Require COVID Shot as Condition of Employment

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With Pfizer’s new COVID vaccine now being given, questions are coming up about whether it will be optional.

According to the government the answer is: no shot, no job.

EEOC: Employer Can Ban You From Work if You Don’t Have a Shot

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is a government department responsible for ensuring fair treatment and access to work. They recently announced that other than a few specific exceptions, employers can require their employees to get the COVID vaccine.

The EEOC justified the decision on the basis that the vaccine is needed for workplace safety and “an individual shall not pose a direct threat to the health or safety of individuals in the workplace.”

Due to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), employers can’t force employees to take a medical exam, but the EEOC says that requiring a coronavirus shot isn’t in that category and thus is perfectly legal. In other words you could have a disability that makes you do an awful job at work but try to hide it and refuse to take an exam, but if you are a perfectly healthy individual or a pregnant woman who doesn’t feel safe taking the COVID vaccine you are out of luck.

The EEOC’s job is to stop workplace discrimination, but in today’s Orwellian America their job is to discriminate against anyone in the workplace who doesn’t agree with Dr. Tony Fauci.

What are the Exceptions?

According to the EEOC the only exceptions are for those with a proven medical danger from the shot or “sincerely held” religious beliefs can opt out if it still works for them to do their job in some other way that’s considered “safe” and away from the chance of infecting others.

If you are being required to get the shot you do have the ability to make the request to not be forced to take the shot under the ADA or Title VII, which the employer then has to “consider.” If the exemption is allowed then the employee would be given “accommodation” such as being allowed to work from home.

In cases where working from home isn’t an option the EEOC says the employer will still have the right to legally bar any unvaccinated person from entering the premises of the job.

Translation? No shot, no job.

In addition, there’s no word on how the sincerity of religious beliefs will be tested. Will the Biden Administration write up some kind of religious test or ask about your views on social issues and gay marriage before allowing you not to take the shot?

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You Could Lose Your Job if You Don’t Get a Shot

Analysts of the EEOC ruling agree that those who don’t get the shot and can’t find a way to still do their job in a different way could be fired.

As the effectiveness and potential dangers of the COVID vaccine continues to come into focus – particularly for pregnant women – it is highly irresponsible for the government to already start talking about mandated vaccination.

Particularly during the economic slump of the pandemic, work is a necessity for many working families. Requiring the vaccine especially of those with health complications about it or religious objections could be equivalent to trampling on the physical safety and religious freedom of Americans.

What’s even more clear is that the incoming Biden-Harris Administration is sure to uphold many similar rulings as this one and strengthen a lack of freedom and religious rights in the United States.

Buckle your seatbelts.