Tucker Carlson: it Makes Sense to Doubt COVID Vaccine’s Safety

Tucker Carlson by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

After pushing conspiracy theories for years about President Trump and many other subjects, the Democrat-supporting mainstream media is now demanding that everyone trust them about the COVID vaccine and the coronavirus.

But not everyone is buying it.

And one of the people who doesn’t believe everything they’re being fed is Tucker Carlson of Fox News. 

Tucker Carlson: People ‘Should be Nervous’

The popular opinion host made comments about the government and public health hypocrisy Friday night on his show, saying that people “should be nervous” about the vaccine.

“There are rational reasons to be skeptical and ask questions. There has never been a successful vaccine for any variety of the coronavirus. The last one that scientists developed for SARS proved too dangerous to bring to market,” Carlson noted. “Nor has any vaccine ever been developed as quickly as this one.”

‘You are Not a Conspiracy Nut for Wanting Answers’

Carlson continued:

“You are not a conspiracy nut for wanting answers,” especially when those behind the vaccine and pushing it are full of “basic moral rottenness.”

Going on to explain – as you can see in the above segment – Carlson questioned why it is that people are expected to swallow everything the media and Dr. Tony Fauci spew at them. Fauci has been majorly discredited on numerous occasions as Tucker noted, especially after he told people that millions would get sick if they visited family on Thanksgiving.

Millions of people didn’t listen to Fauci and numerous studies have now concluded that there is no noticeable link between COVID cases and those who traveled for Thanksgiving or their families.

Doctor or Nurse Wearing Medical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Against The Flag Of USA by focusonmore.com is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Is Asking Questions a Crime?

We seem to be getting closer and closer to the day when asking questions is a crime. As Carlson observes, social media and “fact checkers” will not actually fact check false statements by officials or by people promoting the official narrative.

They only do it to conservatives, Trump supporters and people who ask questions.

It’s become highly obvious that this is the case, even to many free speech supporters and people on the left.

The thing is:

There is a lot to ask questions about, including the overcounting of COVID deaths. The issue came up especially recently when a coroner in Colorado revealed that two out of five recent deaths were counted as coronavirus even though the two individuals were shot to death. 

As the coroner Brenda Brock said: “these two people had tested positive for COVID but that’s not what killed them. The gunshot wound killed them.”

In Colorado, like in various other states, someone is counted as dead to COVID when it was the main cause or “where there was a positive test but it wasn’t listed as the cause of death.”

In other words you could die falling down your stairs of a heart attack and die, but if you tested positive for COVID last week you died of COVID.

Believe in Science?

Colorado’s counting system is an outrageous inaccuracy and due to how many states count COVID deaths this way it’s more than fair to be asking questions. This is yet another example of how many progressive and establishment figures claim to “believe in science” and yet obviously … do not believe in science.

In fact, they don’t even respect science enough to be honest about who has died of COVID and who hasn’t, listing many people who died of another disease but also had coronavirus as COVID deaths. That’s on top of the issue mentioned above.

Please media, tell me more about how these are the people we should trust about the election and about vaccines and about shutting down our entire economy.