Trump’s Advisers Convinced Him Not to Send People $2,000 Checks

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President Trump just can’t seem to get rid of bad advisers fast enough. The latest disaster comes as news breaks that the President’s desire to send every American up to a $2,000 coronavirus relief check was talked down by White House officials as being too high.

What Happened?

On Thursday the President said he wanted checks that go out to be a minimum of $1,200 and preferably $2,000 as part of a COVID-19 economic boost. Congress is currently passing a stimulus that will see people get $600 each and, quite simply, Trump did not feel this is enough to offset the economic suffering that many Americans are currently experiencing.

Based on the reports coming out of many families facing eviction ahead of the Christmas holidays and major difficulty finding employment and making ends meet, the President was displaying his sharp political insights and is definitely correct on this point.

However while the President was moving forward with the bigger ask unnamed top officials told him that sending this much could make it hard to pass the coronavirus stimulus. The GOP has demanded that the bill not pass over $1 trillion. It’s already costed out at $900 billion and larger checks could be enough to put it over the limit that the Republican party leadership is prepared to agree to.

“The aides were really frantic, saying, ‘We can’t do this. It will blow up negotiations,’ said an onlooker who watched the officials talk Trump down.

Bail Out for the Banks but Not the People

Despite over $29 trillion in bailouts, loans and guarantees for big banks after they helped wipe out the global economy the last time, people can’t even score a couple of thousand dollars from their do-nothing Congress and useless establishment Republicans?

“Right now, I want to see checks — for more money than they’re talking about — going to people,” Trump said on Fox on Sunday.

However by the end of the week that’s now been talked down to $600. Negotiations are expected to go for this whole weekend as Congress hashes out the deals of the next stimulus.

The $916 billion being offered by the White House last week was turned down by the Democrats for not having unemployment benefits on it for federal workers.

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Sanders and Hawley Team Up

In a rare partnership, Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri and Independent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont have also teamed up to ask for more money on the stimulus checks.

Although it is unclear if they will succeed in getting more money to struggling families, the fact that they have come together shows that now and then the left and right in this country can agree that the political establishment has gone far off track from caring about its voters and the members of its districts.

With the death toll from COVID-19 now over 300,000 and the daily numbers crossing above 3,000 COVID-related deaths per day, it’s a dark time. Then there is the tense situation in the Halls of Congress. However, Hawley and Sanders found a rare point of agreement that Americans need more money. Hawley is the youngest person in the Senate and Sanders is one of the oldest, but together they are pushing to give everyone $1,200 who earns less than $75,000 per year as well as $500 per child in order to help working families.

Hawley and Sanders are both more towards the right and left wing populism of their parties and understand that the millions of people who’ve lost jobs are barely getting by and facing health, eviction and family crises that are some of the worst in generations.