Another Top Democrat Politician Caught Breaking Lockdown

Merry Christmas by Toni Blay is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Another day, another Democrat politician breaking their own lockdown rules.

This time it’s Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo, who issued a strict lockdown order on Dec. 7 and told residents they were all in this together. The restrictions made it clear not to go out unless it was for a good reason and with a mask.

“I know it’s been hard,” Raimondo tweeted. “Please, stay home except for essential activities.”

Less than a week later, Raimondo was photographed mask-less at Barnaby’s wine bar in Providence with her husband, out enjoying an evening of fun.

A Guide to Breaking Your Own Lockdown

Raimondo’s lockdown included a shutdown of bars and banned restaurants from any type of music or activities. Social distancing was to be strictly enforced as well. But the photo posted by Raimondo’s own severe was at a wine bar which offers painting recreation: that’s two for two on breaking lockdown rules.

It gets even worse.

Raimondo went out to the bar after learning that one of her top staff, Rhode Island Department of Administration Director Brett Smiley had tested positive for coronavirus. He was at home quarantining, she was out having fun. Under any circumstance this would have meant Raimondo should stay home, but no: she was out chilling at a wine bar with hubby at a “paint and wine” evening.

Rhode Island by NASA Videographer is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The Bottom Line

While it’s understandable that even a powerful politician wants to relax during this endless pandemic, Raimondo could have done that safely at home.

The way she has legally required other Rhode Islanders to do.

It is doubly irresponsible to hit the town and have a night out when she had just found out recently about her colleague’s COVID-19 diagnosis.

Just as with the BLM protests this summer and the progressive narrative that they were not dangerous since racism was “more” of a threat to public health than COVID-19, we can see in this case, too, that there are only two options.

One: the Democrat politicians are lying about how dangerous public gatherings are and ramping up fear to increase their control and power.

Two: the Democrat politicians know how dangerous public gatherings are but don’t care because they are irresponsible criminals.

Which of these two options is the most reassuring?

If you said neither then you, like the majority of Americans, are a responsible citizen who is uncomfortable with having sociopaths in charge of your government.

The Democrat Double Standard

Considering yourself above the rules, whether you are California Governor Gavin Newsom or Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo seems to be becoming quite a noticeable pattern. It’s nothing new either, during lockdowns this summer numerous Democratic politicians marched in BLM protests despite having said only days before that large crowds and gatherings like church would be life threatening.

Governor Jay Inslee of Washington State was cheek-to-cheek with BLM protesters while his Twitter banner still told people to stay home and save lives. But we all know that the virus can’t infect people if they’re doing progressive political activism, right?

You won’t be surprised to hear that Raimondo also marched with no mask this summer with BLM, eager to show her support and break the rules of her own state lockdowns. Raimondo also got caught with no mask again this August shopping on Block Island, one of Rhode Island’s biggest tourist destinations which has been hit hard by the COVID restrictions.

Raimondo is now quarantining, but after three times having broken her own rules in the past it’s reasonable for anyone to ask just how much we should trust her.