Hollywood Star Debra Messing Says She Hopes President Trump Gets Raped in Prison

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Hollywood celebrities can’t seem to stop showing what horrible people and hypocrites many of them are. Former Will and Grace star Debra Messing raised eyebrows on Monday when she tweeted that she hopes President Trump will be sent to prison and raped.

What Did Messing Tweet?

Messing deleted her tweet afterwards, but the bizarre tweet that launched the controversy said that Trump was “a weak, scared, stupid, inept, negligent, vindictive, narcissistic, criminal.” The bitter tweet went on to say: “I hope you live a long life in prison where you become the most popular boyfriend to … all inmates.”

The washed-up 52-year-old divorced actress is known for her starring role on Will and Grace which ran between 1998 to 2006 and was brought back from 2017 to 2020. It is about her straight character who’s friends with her gay roommate Will. Apart from this show, Messing has appeared in movies that mostly flopped and is not well known for her other work.

After the controversy around her rape tweet Messing began backtracking and getting worried that she would be seen as “homophobic.” She then sent a second tweet saying that her messaged wasn’t against gay people or “LGBTQI/queer LOVE,” worried she had offended the gay community who boosted her career through her unfunny work in the unfunny Will and Grace sitcom.

Even Progressives are Disgusted With the Arrogant Actress

Even progressives such as journalist Eoin Higgins have had their fill of this actress’ toxicity. Higgins said she is “without question one of the most vile people on this site,” while others weighed in with their own concern about the amount of bitter anger the actress seems to hold.

Conservative Twitter was also revolted, with Jessica O’Donnell of the Blaze saying she was disgusted by Messing’s tweet and noting that “prison rape is a huge problem, not an issue to be taken lightly or wished upon a political enemy.”

You would think that being wealthy and celebrated by mindless fans would be enough for Messing, but apparently not. Perhaps the fact that her career has been effectively going nowhere for decades is beginning to get to the washed up actress.

Can anyone imagine what would have happened if a famous conservative had tweeted something like this about President Obama? The media would have been hysterical for months. 

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Messing Took the Coward’s Way Out

Twitter supposedly has a policy against threatening and prejudiced speech, but it was Messing herself who deleted the offensive tweets. As usual the rules about offensive content only apply one way: against conservatives.

The fact that celebrities like Messing are naive enough to think Trump will go to prison even though he hasn’t been convicted of any crime and that they are willing to joke about violent sexual assault goes to show just how shallow their supposed progressive principles are.

Messing and her crowd don’t actually care about what’s fair or justice: they just want to punish those who made them feel bad or don’t agree with their radical leftist worldview. They don’t care about respecting those who are different, either, and numerous celebrities have shown how intolerant they are of any gay person who is not a progressive.

Hollywood celebrities have lived for too long in a world that rewards them for their egotistical and shortsighted arrogance. At least forums like social media show them how disgusted millions of people are by their delusional hate-fantasies and make them realize how many people are tired of their behavior.

Nonetheless, let’s not wait for Messing to be “cancelled” anytime soon, because we all know that’s not going to happen.