Trump Threatens to Expose Democratic Treachery by ‘Declassifying Everything’

Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

It’s no secret that President Donald Trump is angry with Attorney General Bill Barr and furious about the actions of the Democratic Party.

Now the President has sounded off on Twitter and said he is ready to “declassify everything” to expose what the Democrats have been up to and do what Barr apparently won’t do in publicizing the various investigations of Hunter Biden.

What Exactly Did Trump Say?

The President was speaking about Hunter Biden and the need to investigate his connections in Communist China and alleged tax wrongdoing. Once Biden is in power this is likely to be swept under the rug and Trump is not happy about that. Trump called the incoming Biden administration “partisan killers” and said that Hunter and the Biden transition team are traitors and spies who need to be thoroughly looked into by federal authorities.

Trump then said that he will be working to “declassify everything,” although it was not immediately clear whether he meant everything possible or just relating to the Hunter Biden investigation. It’s also true that declassifying federal investigations and secret documents is not usually a quick or easy process, although it is definitely possible for the President to move forward and begin a process of transparency and full exposure.

What Will Trump Actually Do?

Whatever his critics say about him, the President is a patriot and he will not declassify national security materials or other documents that could open the country to attacks and intrusions by foreign enemies.

However if he is referring to classified material related to Hunter Biden and Democratic spying and collusion then there is a possibility that journalists could obtain valuable information. The time window is closing however, and Freedom of Information requests take time to be processed and could be stalled easily by federal bureaucrats who sympathize with Biden and oppose Trump.

In addition, much of the media is clearly allied with the Democratic party and has no interest in actually investigating progressive corruption and crime.

The remaining solution is for Trump to use his executive power to declassify what he wants. The president can classify and declassify what he wants without needing the approval of Congress.

Donald Trump 2 by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

At this point Trump can declassify the material on Hunter Biden if he wishes to do so and there is a good chance he will do exactly that. While it would be highly unusual, it would also be a logical step forward in doing the media’s job for them. Declassifying investigatory documents and materials would not only expose a lot of the rottenness that’s been happening in the Biden family but would also show up the progressive mainstream media for its absurd negligence in failing to properly report on the Bidens in the leadup to the 2020 election.

It would also fully expose social media’s attempted censorship of the New York Post article reporting on Hunter Biden’s incriminating laptop as well as the progressive mouthpieces like John Brennan who claimed falsely – and without evidence – that the controversy over Hunter was “Russian disinformation.”

Even though the FBI later confirmed that the story on Hunter Biden and his laptop was not Russian disinformation, Brennan and other figures had already swayed many voters with their official-sounding lies spouted on many mainstream news networks.

Now the issues surrounding Hunter Biden’s taxes and financial connections to China need to be investigated fully. If what it takes is a full declassification by President Trump to expose what’s being going on and the media cover-up around it then he should move forward with that for the good of the country and its future.