China Reportedly Creating Genetically-Engineered Super Soldiers

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US Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe understands the threat that Communist China poses to America’s national security, and he’s been trying to warn officials and the public.

Among Ratcliffe’s warnings is the news that China is creating genetically-engineered super soldiers.

Warnings of Chinese Genetically-Engineered Super Soldiers

Even if it might seem like something from a science fiction book, Ratcliffe is warning that the creation of genetically modified super soldiers is one of Beijing’s priorities. Communist China is already advanced in their hunt to make soldiers with more abilities and endurance than normal human beings.

Specifically, Ratcliffe explained that China is changing embryos with a gene-editor process called CRISPR. One of the main reasons is to create babies who are born with superhuman strength, endurance, eyesight and coordination. For example, one project believed to possibly be underway is to create super snipers who can see twice as far as the average person.

Other “super powers” the regime is reportedly looking into include breeding soldiers who can lift massive amounts of weight, run ultra fast for long periods of time and have naturally-occurring night vision.

Last November it was revealed that China is also looking to build “iron man” style suits to let its soldiers fly and have enhanced warfighting capabilities.

The communist regime has also made a lot of progress on changing metabolic speeds and the way hemoglobin is made in the blood in order to create enhanced human killing machines.

The Case of He Jiankui

The Soviet Union fell in 1991, but the dehumanizing ideology of communism is far from dead. From Vietnam to China to North Korea, atheistic communist ideology continues. Many former Soviet countries still use abortion as a form of birth control, a holdover of the Soviet materialist belief that people do not have souls and are just material objects of limited value whose life quality is determined by loyalty to the state.

Chinese biophysics researcher He Jiankui made headlines in the winter of 2018 when he said he’d used gene-editing on a pair of artificially inseminated twins in order to make them naturally immune to HIV / AIDS. The move, to demonstrate his scientific accomplishment, was condemned by China’s government and resulted in a fine of $3 million Chinese Yuan (approximately $463,000 USD) as well as three years in jail.

However, Ratcliffe has emphasized that this didn’t really mean China was abandoning genetic engineering and was more of a public spectacle. He says further research on gene modification is going on in secret Chinese military laboratories and classified research.

In his comments Ratcliffe has warned of the increasing threat from China, saying it is the worst threat to America since World War II.

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How Close is China to Deploying Mutant Super Soldiers?

Despite disbelief from some in the media, Ratcliffe’s comments have been confirmed by others in the intelligence community, who similarly warn that China is on a path to dangerous use of gene-editing and manipulation technology.

Experts agree that China is still at least a few years off from putting gene-editing technology into action on the battlefield, but Ratcliffe also wants to put more funding toward US intelligence on China and operations related to China.

In addition to the use of mysterious microwave weapons in its recent conflict with India in the Himalayas on the India-China border, it’s also clear that China has been testing biotech on its soldiers and is working on weapons that target certain races.

The next disease out of China after COVID-19 could be one hundred times worse.

As China expert and author Gordon Chang recently noted: “China also has the largest DNA  database in the world. It’s probably trying to develop diseases that target only certain ethnic or racial groups. Genetic data gives China the ability to create #bioweapons that can target certain groups of people.”

China is currently conducting mass sterilization, enslavement, imprisonment and brainwashing of its ethnic Uyghur minority in Xinjiang province, with an estimated 1.8 million in forced labor camps and prison.