US Intelligence Chief: Communist China is Worst Threat Since the Nazis

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US Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe is warning about the danger posed by China to America’s national security and the world. In a recent article and interview, the intelligence chief has cautioned that his access to top material from America’s 17 spy agencies has given him a “unique vantage point” in seeing China for the true threat it poses to the free world.

DNI Ratcliffe: ‘Beijing Intends to Dominate the US’

In a Dec. 3 op-ed, Ratcliffe said that intelligence materials make it clear that “Beijing intends to dominate the US and the rest of the planet economically, militarily, and technologically.”

Speaking in an interview with CBS, Ratcliffe also stated that China interfered in this November’s presidential election and has tried to steal US COVID-19 vaccine research. The intrusions are still being investigated and conclusions will be released in a public report in January.

The Trump Administration has consistently warned about the very real national security threat posed by China, which threatens the US ally of Taiwan in the South China Sea, supports North Korea, is carrying out a mass communist brainwashing, enslavement incarceration and genocide against its Uyghur population.

China has also been linked to domestic subversion of the United States through Communist Party of China front groups backing violent BLM riots and attempting to incite racial tension, including Freedom Road Socialist Organization and Liberation Road.

The FBI has also previously warned about China’s ongoing theft of US military technology and attempts to infiltrate American national defense institutions. China has the biggest military – by far – on the planet, with a standing army of 2.8 million.

Democrats are Downplaying the China Threat

Ratcliffe has also asked Democrats and some establishment Republicans to stop downplaying the China threat. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, for one, is deeply tied to China through his wife Elaine Chao, whose family shipping business has an interest in forming deeper ties with China.

Ratcliffe urges that it’s time “to get past politicizing intelligence and be honest about China, and acknowledge that China, and China alone is the greatest national security threat that we face.”

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“Chinese-Military-History-museum” by-Mills-Baker-is-licensed-under-CC-BY-2.0

Ratcliffe is emphasizing that China is a full spectrum menace to America’s national interests.

“All aspects—militarily, economically, supply chain issues, foreign investment, technologically, cyber issues, cyber warfare, 5G, telecommunications—China is in all of those and they are the only country to be in that space and the only country that threatens America supremacy.”

China is Working to Blackmail American Politicians

Ratcliffe further warned that China is actively working to blackmail and buy-off members of the US Congress. The scale of their intrusion is far larger than Russia or Iran and Ratcliffe has warned top US lawmakers to be on the alert.

“China’s leaders seek to subordinate the rights of the individual to the will of the Communist Party. They exert government control over companies and subvert the privacy and freedom of their citizens with an authoritarian surveillance state,” Ratcliffe warned, adding that the United States cannot afford to sit idly by.

“Beijing Biden” as the Trump team termed Joe Biden has been relatively friendly to China in the past and has many ties to the vicious communist regime, with Biden’s crack-smoking, corrupt son Hunter Biden linked to investment in a Chinese surveillance company that’s helping carry out the Uyghur genocide in China’s western Xinjiang province.

Recent restrictions on all CCP members to a one month, single-entry visa to US are one step, however Congressman Scott Perry’s recent bill calls to label the CCP a Transnational Criminal Organization and ban all members completely from any entry to the United States.

Further revelations from the Justice Department that 1,000 individuals linked to the Chinese military fled the country this summer adds to national security concerns about just how far Beijing may have infiltrated US defense and research institutions and how willing the incoming Biden administration is to actually stand up to China’s dictatorial ambitions.

The conclusion, unfortunately, is clear: