Harvard Students Want to Ban Trump Officials from Campus

"HONK! Fest 2010: Parade from Davis Square to Harvard Square" by Chris Devers is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

AsĀ the New York PostĀ recently reported, a group of progressive Harvard graduate students recently started petition to ban all Trump administration officials from any involvement with the elite college.

This includes a prohibition on anyone affiliated or with a job history in the Trump administration being hired by Harvard, attending Harvard or speaking at Harvard.

AOC: Time for a List of ‘Trump Sycophants’

The activism comes as prominent members of Congress like “Squad” poster girl Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have trumpeted the need to blacklist and track anyone who’s worked in or supported the Trump administration.


The Kennedy School of Government and Business School at Harvard reportedly managed to soften the language of the petition so that it simply says Trump administration officials must be held “accountable” before any involvement with Harvard, but it’s still possible the matter moves forward in some form.

There are also no details on exactly what “accountability” would look like.

“Donald Trump” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Progressive Academia’s Glaring Double Standard

It’s also worth noting that Harvard has hosted speakers from repressive governments such as that of Communist China, including Beijing sycophant Regina Ip who has helped quell pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. Past speakers also include figures such as Nicaraguan Contra member Jorge Rosales.

Having controversial speakers on campus is part of hearing a range of views including from those who may be highly distasteful or politically disagreeable to students.

The idea that anyone related in any way to the Trump administration can be banned because it hurts the feelings of Harvard students is both bizarre and ignorant. Even those strongly opposed to Trump’s policies have an interest in hearing from those who promoted and enforced them.

You don’t learn and advance your knowledge by simply denying that the other side exists; the 2016 election certainly should have proved at least that much.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is a graduate of Harvard Law School herself and has stated her firm opposition to the anti-free-speech and discriminatory petition, although it remains to be seen what becomes of it and it certainly comes as no surprise in the long list of progressive attempts to sideline and harangue Trump supporters and officials and cast them as beyond the pale of civilized society.

Ongoing Attempts to Force Trump Officials from Public Life and Stop Them From Being Hired

Indeed, attempts to blacklist and ruin the lives of conservatives and those who support the President are, of course, nothing new. Groups like Accountable.US have been trying for years, and a constellation of left-wing advocacy organizations have been working to marginalize and demonize the Trump administration since before #45 even took office.

The above tweet is a perfect example of the progressive mindset: seizing on an emotionally upsetting issue (“kids in cages” and family separation), ignoring the facts (President Barack Obama and his administration built the cages and deported far more people than Trump and many of those separated are being removed from coyotes and traffickers) and then moving forward with self-righteous, targeted blacklisting in order to boost progressive political fortunes under the guise of humanitarianism.

Past Attempts to Bar Trump Officials from Campus

Specific attempts to blacklist all Trump officials from campus have also occurred before, with groups like Restore the Public Trust, for example, trying unsuccessfully in the spring of 2019 to blacklist Trump administration members from being welcome in American academia.

As the attempted Harvard blacklist and the years of moral condemnation demonstrate, Joe Biden’s stated goal of “unity” and bringing America together is being made increasingly hard because of the actions and policies of progressives.

It remains to be seen how far the Harvard petition will go, but it serves as the latest example of counterproductive, hyper-partisan behavior emanating from theleft side of the aisle.

The “tolerant left” just can’t seem to stop giving out examples of how intolerant it actually is.